GOP Reversal on Debt Ceiling Vote a “Disappointing Moment,” Karl Rove Defends Bill Clinton From Rand Paul, Washington Redskins Respond to Lawmakers’ Letter: P.M. Links

  • racist?House Speaker John Boehner said his decision to
    offer a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling was a “disappointing
    .” The House is
    to vote on hiking the debt limit tonight.
  • President Obama
    the French president Francois Hollande for a state
    visit, claiming the relationship between the two countries was
    “unimaginable” a decade ago.
  • An appeals court
    rejected a challenge
    to the force feeding of detainees at
    Guantanamo Bay, but attorneys for the detainees say the ruling
    clears the way to take the case back to district court.
  • Karl Rove doesn’t like that Rand Paul is targeting Bill Clinton
    for criticism,
    he didn’t think it was a good strategy for running for
  • A “Dumb Starbucks” in Los Angeles was
    shut down
    not because of any potential trademark infringement,
    but because health inspectors found the store, a comic’s gimmick,
    didn’t have the proper paperwork.
  • The Washington Redskins
    to a letter from two lawmakers demanding they change
    their name by pointing out that one of them, the chair of the
    Senate Indian Affairs Committee, had better things to do to improve
    the life of Native Americans than attack a team they support.

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