A.M. Links: House Passes No Strings Attached Debt Limit Bill, Rand Paul Joins Lawsuit Against NSA, Entertainment Reporter Mistakes Samuel Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

  • morgan freemanThe House
    a bill that suspends the debt ceiling until March 2015.
    Twenty-eight Republicans and all but two voting Democrats supported
    the measure.
  • Rand Paul is
    a lawsuit by FreedomWorks, for which Ken Cuccinelli is
    serving as lead counsel, against the Obama administration over the
    NSA’s domestic surveillance programs.
  • A House Armed Services Committee report
    the White House for not providing sufficient security
    for the U.S. compound in Benghazi, while debunking the claim that a
    rapid response team was ordered to stand down and pointing out that
    such a force would not have been able to arrive in Benghazi in
  • A new study
    death row inmates who maintain their innocence are nearly
    3 times more likely to reject a last meal.
  • The Raelian UFO cult will
    the first clitoral restoration hospital in Africa in
    Burkina Faso next month.
  • An entertainment reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles
    Samuel Jackson for Laurence Fishburne in a live
    interview. Jackson told the reporter he was “as crazy as the people
    on Twitter.”

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