Oregon’s Health Exchange a Complete Failure, Facebook Embraces All Sorts of Gender Identities, Venezula Charges Opposition Leader for Deadly Protests: P.M. Links

  • Research indicates Facebook will not let you change your gender to "awesome." I tried.Oregon’s health exchange
    received $160 million in taxpayer dollars and has
    yet to sign up a single person
    . There could be a federal probe
    over its problems.
  • Facebook has implemented
    customized gender options
    for users’ profiles, giving them the
    opportunity to describe their gender in any number of different
  • Russia has enacted its
    ban on allowing foreign same-sex couples to adopt children
    , as
    well a ban on single people from countries where gay same-sex
    marriage is legal from adopting children. I’m sure those lonely,
    homeless children will be grateful when they get older, right?
  • Venezuela’s courts are blaming unrest that has resulted in
    three deaths on an
    opposition leader
    and has ordered his arrest. That should calm
    things down.
  • The possible merger of Comcast and Time Warner is already

    stirring up opposition

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