John Stossel on Students For Liberty’s Celebration of Freedom

Students For LibertyOn Saturday, some 1,500 students from all over
the world gathered to discuss freedom at the Students for Liberty
Conference in Washington, D.C. Even in an audience filled with
libertarians, there were unsettled issues and divisive questions.
Some students and speakers sounded a lot like the campus leftists
who complain about “privilege.” Others sounded conservative and
sought guidance from their religion. John Stossel suggests that
this diversity is a good sign for the future of libertarian ideas.
There are many ways for free people to live and to accomplish their
goals—and as these students learned, the most important thing is
not to assume that government has the answer to the questions. Old
politicians and old voters may never change their minds. But
libertarianism grows fastest among the young, and so groups like
Students for Liberty hold out hope.

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