Putin: Who Is Obama to Judge, Seriously?

"perhaps i was blind to the facts"Russian President Vladimir Putin was
interviewed by CNBC during an economic conference in St.
Petersburg, Russia and discussed the recently strained relationship
between him and Obama and his country and the United States. He
rejected the
that the relationship is strained, pointing out that
while the U.S. insists it is suspending military cooperation with
Russia it had not suspended transit of military cargo to
Afghanistan, “because this is something they need, and we don’t
refuse.” He also pointed to Iran’s nuclear program and
counterterrorism as other common agenda items, and said he hoped
Syria would be one too.

Putin also addressed President Obama’s comments on Russian
actions in Ukraine.
NBC News reports

“Who is he to judge?” Putin said, according to an interpreter.
“Who is he to judge, seriously? If he wants to judge people, why
doesn’t he get a job in court somewhere?”

“I don’t think he accused me,” Putin went on. “It’s his point of
view. And I have my point of view when he comes to certain

Watch that portion of the interview
. More Reason on Ukraine here.

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