More Elite Law Student Foolishness, This Time at Columbia

Apparently jealous of all the attention that Yale and Stanford law students have gotten for acting like imperious children, Columbia law students, represented by BALSA, LALSA, NALSA, EWOC, OutLaws, QTPOC, IfWhenHow, APALSA, and SALSA (no, I’m not familiar with all of these acronyms), have been throwing a collective hissy fit. The act that stirred such emotion? Columbia’s Instagram account noted that a group of law students affiliated with the Federalist Society met with Justice Brett Kavanaugh in DC. You can read the details at the Daily Wire.

The students’ only tangible complaint, at least judging by the article, is that Kavanaugh was “credibly accused” of sexual assault. It’s been over four-and-a-half years since the allegation of misbehavior over 30 years earlier surfaced. Since then, no one, including those who were present at the time, has corroborated the initial allegation, nor, despite the best efforts of ambitious journalists, has anyone been able to substantiate any similar behavior by Kavanaugh in the ensuing almost-forty-years. It’s time to give up on the word “credibly” in this context. (And, fwiw, I’m pretty sure that the students would react differently to news of a meeting with a particular former president who is truly “credibly accused” of sexual coercion. Hint: his initials are WJC.)

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