2014’s Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds

2013 is in the history books, and with it so are all those strategies that worked last year. As much can be seen in the performance of the marquee hedge fund names, whose performance so far in 2014, undoubtedly taking a cue from the market which in January was turmoiling over tapering and EM fears, is decidedly mixed, with about half generating negative returns, and the other just barely beating the flatline. Some notable exceptions: the woefully named Tulip Trend Fund which is already down -8.5% YTD, as well as the Keynes Leveraged Quantitative Strategies fund, down 2.9%, while on the other side Pershing Square is no longer Perishing up  4.1% through the end of the month, undoubtedly driven by the plunge of HLF in January, a move which may or may not last and likely depends on whether in the aftermath of AAPL, iCahn decides he has had enough of his game with Ackman as well.

So without further ado, here are the Top 20 Best and Worst performers so far in 2014 as tracked by HSBC.


And here is a selection of some of the most prominent hedge fund names:


Finally, the full HSBC presentation.


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