Thanksgiving ReasonTV Replay: The Pilgrims and Property Rights

A ReasonTV leftover worth reheating. Happy

Here is the original text from the Nov. 23, 2010

The Pilgrims founded their colony at Plymouth
Plantation in December 1620 and promptly started dying off in

As the colony’s early governor, William Bradford, wrote
in “Of Plymouth Plantation”:”That which was most sadd &
lamentable was, that in 2. or 3. moneths time halfe of their
company dyed.”

When the settlers finally stopped croaking, they set
about creating a heaven on earth, a society without private
property, where all worked for the common good. Everything was
shared. Especially bitching and moaning about working for the
common good. Bradford again:

“Yong-men that were most able and fitte for labour and
service did repine that they should spend their time and streingth
to worke for other mens wives and children, with out any
recompense….And for men’s wives to be commanded to doe service
for other men, as dresing their meate, washing their cloaths, etc.,
they deemed it a kind of slavery, neither could many husbands well
brooke it.”

With nobody working, everybody was suffering. And in
case you think nobody was working simply because they couldn’t
understand a damn thing Bradford was saying, chew on this: In 1623,
Bradford and the other leaders

“Assigned to every family a parceel of land…this had
very good success; for it made all hands very industrious, so as
much more torne was planted then other waise would have bene by any
means the Govr or any other could use, and saved him a great deall
of trouble, and gave farr better contente.”

In no time at all “any generall wante of famine hath
not been amongest them since to this day.”

America would never go hungry again. So this week,
before you drift into your annual tryptophan-induced coma, don’t
forget to give thanks to the true patron of this holiday feast:
property rights.

Approximately 2.30 minutes.

Produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie. Voices
by Meredith Bragg and Austin Bragg.

from Hit & Run

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