A.M. Links: Sebelius Visited White House Many Times Ahead of Exchange Launch, Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable, Rand Paul’s Team Denies He Stole Suit

  • Documents show that Health and Human Services Secretary
    Kathleen Sebelius visited the White House many times ahead of the

    Obamacare exchange launch
    . Sebelius has claimed that President
    Obama did not know about problems with Healthcare.gov before its
  • Afghanistan has released
    65 prisoners
    despite warnings from the U.S. that some of them
    are linked to attacks on Americans.

  • Comcast Corp.
    has confirmed that it will buy Time Warner Cable
    Inc. for around $45.2 billion.
  • Sen. Rand Paul’s team has denied that the
    suit he filed against Obama
    over NSA surveillance was
  • 60 percent of Americans have a
    negative view of Russia
    , the highest since 1994.
  • The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says
    only 11 percent
    of the Assad regime’s chemical weapons have
    left Syria.

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