JPY Drops, Nikkei Pops On Japan's Worst Trade Deficit On Record

You have to laugh really… We presume the rally in Japanese stocks and weakness in the JPY reflects an assumption that this dismal miss for both imports and exports – leaving Japan’s adjusted trade deficit the worst in Bloomberg’s 20 year history – means moar Abenomics. Of course, the headlines will be all about Abe’s ‘any minute now’ comments or Kuroda’s ‘just one more quarter’ hope (as he speaks later today) but the reality is that things are not getting better in the radioactive nation as this marks the 30th consecutive trade deficit… but, like Venezuela, when has that even been reason not to buy stocks… S&P futures are up 2.5 points (below Friday’s highs still for now), gold has given back its earlier gains and is unchanged, and Treasury Futures are down a tick.


For the 30th consecutive month, Japan ran a trade deficit and this time it was the biggest ever as imports rose 16.5% YoY (missing the 19.9% YoY expectations by the most in 15 months) and exports rose 11.5% (missing the 15.6% YoY expectations by the most in 14 months)…


But of course, you buy stocks and sell the JPY on that shit-aweful news… (this is not catch up to US equities as it is an extension of the futures market’s gains from Friday…)



Charts: Bloomberg


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