When Presidential Lies Overwhelm, Or What Happens When You Don't Eat Your ObamaFood

It would appear President Obama has another gift few are aware of. For at least the 5th time in the last few years, his oratory has forced a woman in the audience to fall to the floor. First in September 2011, twice in March 2012, then in August 2012, and now today during his latest Obamacare pitch, the President’s intonations appear to disturb the brain’s cortex just enough to halt the breathing (and thinking) process. Of course, the end result will be the launch of Obamafood – the non-fainting alternative to listening to his speeches/pitches, which for those who are sufficiently brain dead will come in a prechewed (by other taxpayers) variant, also known as ObamaIV.


The Obamacare Pitch sent the girl to President Obama’s left reeling… “This happens when I talk too long,” Obama admitted


The first sighting of this strange phenomenon was in September 2011…



Of course, it would appear he knew about this awe-inspiring gift all along… March 7th 2012…


Again on March 16th 2012… but this time he offered some advice:

Another one of President Barack Obama’s speeches was interrupted Thursday when a woman fainted.


According to The New York Times, Obama had been criticizing his Republican rivals during the speech, which focused on energy policy, when he paused to alert officials that someone in the crowd had fainted.


The president then offered some advice to people attending his rallies.


“Remember next time, if you’re going to stand for a long time, you got to eat,” Obama said. “It’s true. You got to get something to eat. You got to get some juice.”


and again in August 2012…


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