All The Latest In Merkel's "ObamaPhone" Scandal

Losing track of all the loose ends as the NSA handed out Obamaphones to virtually every world leader? Here is the latest summary via BBG and other outlets:

  • NSA boss Keith Alexander personally informed Obama in 2010 about secret operations targeting German chancellor and president didn’t demand to stop it, Bild am Sonntag reported, citing unidentified U.S. intelligence sources: Bild
  • US denies Obama knew of Merkel spying: AFP
  • Merkel to seek ‘no spy deal’ within EU as well as with US: Reuters
  • Spying didn’t just involve Merkel’s phone from her party, the tamper-proof phone she got in summer also hacked: Bild
  • Merkel Violated Rules With Use of Party Mobile Phone, Welt Says
  • NSA spied on Merkel’s text messages, mobile phone calls: Bild
  • NSA specialists didn’t tap Merkel’s specially secured landline
  • Social Democrats demand parliamentary investigation to look into matter, SPD’s Thomas Oppermann tells Bild
  • Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich says tapping phones is crime and needs to be prosecuted, says trust has evaporated: Bild


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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