"Evil, Populist" Nigel Farage Blasts Barroso: "We Don't Want Political Union"

There is a fear stalking the corridors of European politics. It is not the surging unemployment in France, or record delinquencies in Spain, or all-time low credit creation across the region; it is the growing concern that the powers that be have from the rise of Euroskepticism. As UKIP’s Nigel Farage exclaims to Barroso and his brood, “years ago, you were less worried… but now we are “evil”, “populists”, we are “dangerous” and are going to bring down Western Civilization.” As the outspoken Brit implores in this brief clip, there is nothing extreme in his views. “The real European debate is about identity,” he notes, “what we are saying, large numbers of us from every single EU member state is: we don’t want that flag, we don’t want the anthem that you all stood so ram-rod straight for yesterday, we don’t want EU passports, we don’t want political union.” As Greece faces down its 3rd bailout and deflationary threats loom across the region, we suspect top-down and bottom-up angst will bubble back to the surface soon enough.




And here, from El Pais, is a very enlightening graphic showing the considerable growth in “Extreme Right” parties across the entire European region:


Whether, as Farage has warned in the past, we remain on the verge of social unrest is unclear but for sure this is not the poltical union that Barroso pitches it to have become…


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