How Is The FOMC Statement Like The IRS' Tax Code?

While in a world of its own at over 4 million words, it would appear the US Tax Code has set a rather disturbing precedent that the Fed is now following…



Ironically, the major changes (5000 of them) started in 2001 for the IRS, and and as the chart above suggests – about the same time when the Fed decided moar was better and if everyone wants ‘transparency’ then baffles ’em with bullshit is the meme-du-decade.

Of course, while it would take 8,758 lifetimes to read the tax-code, Jon Hilsenrath can still read and write a competent article on the Fed minutes in under 6 minutes… get back to work Mr. Chairwoman.

(h/t @GreekFire23)


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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