A.M. Links: Kerry Says NSA Spying Went Too Far, Only 248 Signed Up on Obamacare Site in First Two Days, Chinese Security Chief Blames Uighur Islamists For Tiananmen Attack

  • Secretary of State
    John Kerry
    has said that sometimes NSA spying went too
  • According to documents released by the House Oversight and
    Government Reform Committee,
    only 248
    people enrolled in a health plan through
    healthcare.gov in the two days after it was launched.
  • An
    increasing number
    of Saudi men are trying to help end Saudi
    Arabia’s ban on women driving.

  • German journalists
    have been urged by The German Federation of
    Journalists to avoid using Google and Yahoo because of recent
    reporting on snooping by British and American intelligence.
  • China’s domestic security chief has blamed
    Uighur Islamists
    for the recent attack in Tiananmen

  • Liberal billionaires
    have been spending a lot of money on
    campaigns this year.

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from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/11/01/am-links-kerry-says-nsa-spying-went-too

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