World Ready to Jump into Bed with China

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President Obama, the US federal government shutdown, the omnipotence of the National Security Agency and the anger of the world at just how much the USA flouts the laws that we thought we might have lived by. These are all reasons and more for the rest of the world to turn their backs on the most powerful country in the world and play a role in its demise. What the USA has not realized is that when the going gets tough, the rest of the world which just turn their backs on them and jump into bed with China. That’s happening right now, but is there actually anyone (except the billions of people that live outside the country) in the USA that believes that this is going to happen? It may not happen tomorrow and it’s certainly not going to happen overnight. But, the necessary groundwork is being laid down and the demise of the USA is in sight already. But, there are probably still 313.9 million people that are under the belief that it will never happen. How wrong they will be. Or have they just been sheepled into a complacent state of acceptance?

Snowden Affair and the NSA

The governments and the leaders of the countries around the world may have serenely played a role in the spying tactics of the NSA. But, now that the citizens of those countries have finally been told what the NSA and those very same leaders that they voted into office were actually up to, the people are ready to perhaps not revolt (although they should), then at least condemn and use the only power that they actually might have left. The leaders of those countries will now do anything they have to, out of fear that the people will exercise their last right (now that democracy has been proved to have gone well and truly into oblivion): the right to vote in and out of office. The people know one thing: those that are attracted to power will do everything or anything (or both at the same time) to get into office and they will do even more to stay there with the bonuses, privileges and power-rush that they get given every time they stand in front of the mike to give a press conference and get whisked away in their chauffeur-driven cars.

As Angela Merkel reels from the revelations that she was also under scrutiny by the USA, the Germans are asking for Snowden to be allowed asylum in Germany. To believe that Edward Snowden might be comfortable in Russia right now is nothing on what he could be in the Germany. It would mean an added victory for the man that has finally had the gumption to reveal that 70.3 million communications were tapped in France, that over 60 million were also listened into in Spain and that Germany was a prime target as a leading industrial nation in the EU and the world.

Please don’t tell us that we are benefiting from the fact that the NSA has taken away a fundamental right that they had no right to actually remove. Harping on about how many terrorists have been caught and how many lives have been saved for the common good of all is nothing more than a smack in the face with a king-size portion of lies (sometimes a splattering of ketchup is thrown in for good measure).  Please don’t be so condescending as to believe that the French would pop their champagne corks if they knew what good the NSA was doing. Please don’t tell us that they are all doing it. Just because everyone does it to their own populations doesn’t mean the US can do it too.

German intellectual Hans Magnus Enzensberger said that “the American dream is turning into a nightmare”. TheAmerican dream is long gone.

Enzensberger said that the UK has become “a US colony” and the British people might be thinking quite the same right now as they are lauded and condemned in the EU today for digging their own grave by siding with the Yanks.

Towards the end of August 2013 the partner of Glenn Greenwald (The Guardian reporter who wrote the majority of the Snowden revelations) was arrested and detained at Heathrow airport for nine hours under anti-terrorism laws. British government officials ordered hard drives at British newspapers to be destroyed or face legal action. Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron used veiled threats last week to say that he would have to resort to “other tougher measures” against newspapers that carried out such investigative journalism. Now, there are 70 international human-rights organizations that have condemned his comments. The British public might have had enough and Cameron will be forced to fall in line with what they have to say. Although, does that mean that it will all come to a halt? Probably not, but, the people need to at least believe that they are living in a country that allows freedom of the press and speech.

Heiner Geisser (former secretary to Angela Merkel and the Christian Democrats) said: “Snowden has done the western world a great service. It is now up to us to help him”.

Although it is doubtful if Germany would actually go that far, it will certainly increase the leverage that Merkel has in the world and it will certainly mean that she will have greater clout in the face of the US. One man’s power declines, another (wo)man’s weight increases.


When it comes to making money, the world will turn their backs on the USA as soon as they have to. The problem is that the USA still believes that it won’t happen. They have had decades of believing that they will always be top of the roost. But, the wheel turns and fortunes will change. Nobody stays at the top all the time, not even dictators. The USA has been dictating for far too long and now it’s someone else’s turn. The wonderful thing about dictatorships is that you are only a dictator just as long as the people allow you to be one. The Master only exists because the Slave allows him to. So, who’s the real Master?

China has liberalized its industry and it is starting to gear up for liberalization of its finances today. China is talking of its economic ‘masterplan’ today. Next weekend there will be the third plenum of the Communist Party and it will focus on the economy of China and the changes that need to be made. It is suspected that it will be quality and not quantity that is the order of the day in the manufacturing sector. It is believed that the Renminbi will be allowed to operate in a wider trading band and that there will be the possibility of banks going fully into private ownership. Cross-border capital flow will therefore become much easier. China has savings of $4 trillion today and the opening up and liberalization of the financial market would mean that any country would be vying for a piece of that cake. Why would George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK, have flown to Beijing last week to try to convince the Chinese that London was the place to trade the Renminbi in the future? The UK and others will turn their backs (or at least they will turn over and move to the other side of the bed) if they can get some of that pie.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie: this is the day that the US died

The rest of the world is ready to jump into bed with China. There may or may not be a divorce between the USA and its old lover, but at least right now the world is ready to play around with China just for the thrill of it, before the USA gets home. But, by the time it wakes up from its shutdown, its self-centered talk on budget ceilings and Quantitative Easing and when it finally comes clea
n about its illegal and reprehensible eavesdropping on the entire world in a bout of power-struggle that dates back to another era, then it will realize that it has been spending too much time working at the office and the world has had enough of being neglected, down-trodden and ill-treated. Yes, the world is ready to jump into bed with China and it will more than likely be a far better lover. At least we expect China to eavesdrop on us, at least the West expects them to be subversive in their dealings and fake it when they are with us. But, we know all that and so expect it. With the USA the world thought that they were getting something better.

The USA might have been in bed with China in the past, but that’s going to change in the future. It will be the others.

It’s not ‘Game Over’ that will echo from the good old land of Uncle Sam as more than one has told the world before, this time, it’s the honeymoon that’s over, guys!

Originally posted: World Ready to Jump into Bed with China


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