Eric Boehm and Kathryn Watson on Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidates Looking to the Future

Robert SarvisLike
other third parties, Libertarians have never won much of anything
in American politics.  But as they have since the party was
founded in the 1970s, their candidates keep pressing on with a
message of limited government, lower taxation and limited
regulation. The Libertarian candidates in Tuesday’s gubernatorial
elections in New Jersey and Virginia represent the two sides of
third-party politics in America. On one hand, they are principled,
committed and willing to forge ahead despite virtually no chance of
success. On the other hand, write Eric Boehm and Kathryn Watson, in
a nation growing more dissatisfied with the two traditional
political parties, with Democratic promises that never seem to be
delivered and Republican ideals that seem rooted in the 20th
century, they represent a new way forward.

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