Newsday's Lane Filler and The Times' Ross Clark Win Reason Foundation’s Bastiat Prize

Newsday’s Lane Filler and Ross Clark of The
and The Spectator are the co-winners of Reason
Foundation’s 2013 Bastiat Prize, which honors the writing that best
demonstrates the importance of individual liberty and free markets
with originality, wit, and eloquence.

“Lane Filler and Ross Clark, each in their own way, channel the
spirit of Bastiat to communicate the importance of freedom to the
pursuit of happiness,” said Julian Morris, vice president of Reason
Foundation and founder of the Bastiat Prize.

Filler and Clark split $15,000 in prize money and received
engraved crystal candlesticks at the Reason Media Awards tonight in
New York City.

Dhiraj Nayyar of India Today was awarded
third-place and $1,000. Honorable mentions went to The
 Tamzin Booth, Stephanie Slade of
U.S. News and World Report
, and The Atlanta
 Kyle Wingfield.

Previous Bastiat Prize winners include Virginia Postrel, Anne
Jolis, Tom Easton, Bret Stephens, John Hasnas, A. Barton Hinkle,
Amit Varma, Jamie Whyte, Tim Harford, Mary O’Grady, Robert Guest,
Brian Carney, Sauvik Chakraverti and Amity Shlaes.

In celebration of Reason magazine founder
Lanny Friedlander, who passed away in 2011, the first-ever Lanny
Friedlander Prize was awarded
to Wired co-founders Louis Rossetto and Jane
Metcalfe for their impact helping people understand the power of
free minds and free markets
through Wired’s analysis of technology,
business, and culture. 

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