Gartman Does It Again: "The Game Changed Utterly In The Capital Markets Yesterday"

The “commodity king” author of the “world renowned” Gartman momentum chasing and perpetual contrarian fade newsletter, if not so much of an ETF under the same name anymore, does it again. From this morning.

Now with the S&P forging a massive reversal to the downside, we not only must abandon being bullish we must become bearish… and very so…. Our bearish friends, having been wrong for so long, are now right; it is time to be bearish of stocks, while the time for having been bullish is now past… We trust we are clear. The game’s changed and when the game changes, we change…. We had heretofore consistently erred bullishly of simple things… of coal; of steel; of railroads; of ships and shipping… but we are not now.


The Game Changed Utterly In The Capital Markets Yesterday

And… wrong again. Or said otherwise, short of subscribers in breaking even terms.


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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