This Is What Happens When You Mate An iPad With A Tesla

iTesla, or Tespad Model S(parky)? You decide. From CNET:

An iPad that was demoed at a Vodafone store in Australia burst into flames, according to a report.


A Vodafone store in Canberra, Australia was running an iPad demo model that caused a “burst of flames,” according to a Vodafone spokesperson, speaking to in an interview published on Friday. The iPad forced the store to evacuate customers. No one was injured, according to the spokesperson.


According to, after fire fighters entered the building, they discovered that sparks were coming from the iPad’s charging port.


It’s not clear what version of the iPad burst into flames.

And it wasn’t even driving over dangerous, terrorist, evil pebbels when it burst into flames. A clip of the above under controlled circumstances suggests the combustible situation got hot to quite hot.


Of course, nothing would surprise us as we await the press release explaining that “this is in fact ‘a feature’, not a ‘bug’ that is designed to enable users to more easily make the decision to upgrade the new iPad Air.”


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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