Top Editor at Guns & Ammo Out After Column Arguing Gun Regulations Didn’t Infringe on Rights

fire!Readers of
Guns & Ammo did not appreciate a pro-gun control
column the magazine ran that argued regulating firearms wasn’t an
infringement of constitutional rights because all rights are
regulated, even including the tired and inaccurate “fire in a
crowded” theater argument, and the magazine responded.

From Fox News:

The top editor of Guns & Ammo became the second
employee of the venerable firearms magazine to lose his job after a
column advocating gun control backfired, prompting rifle-toting
readers to unload on the publication.

In a statement posted Wednesday on the InterMedia Outdoors-owned
magazine’s homepage, Jim Bequette apologized to “each and every
reader” of the magazine for Dick Metcalf’s column that appeared in
its December issue, which generated “unprecedented” controversy and
left readers “hopping mad” in regards to the magazine’s commitment
to the Second Amendment.

You can read the original column
(pdf), Guns & Ammo’s apology
, and Dick Metcalf’s response here. It
appeals to the First Amendment, of course.

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