Obama Announces Nomination Of New Head Of America's $230 Trillion Derivative Pyramid – Live Webcast

With Kill-Bill body-double Chilton fading poetically into the dark, and Gensler gone, President Obama is set to nominate Timothy Massad to the Chairmanship of the CFTC. We can't wait to hear how the man who was responsible for bailing out the banks at any cost, will now make sure these same banks don't do anything bad again. And he will also, somehow, "supervise" America's $234 trillion in derivatives and make sure nothing bad ever happens there too?

Somehow, we are a little skeptical. Sure enough: "The party-line split on the commission would probably delay votes on contentious Dodd-Frank regulations." In other words more of the same "nothing must change" hard line stance the CFTC has so sternly pursued since the crisis, and before.

The President is due to speak at 1520ET



via Zero Hedge http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/zerohedge/feed/~3/GHSwDfxcuho/story01.htm Tyler Durden

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