Bernanke "Explains" 100 Years Of The Federal Reserve (And It's War On Gold?) – Live Webcast

With Janet stealing the limelight, we really don’t expect any market-moving fireworks from the lame-duck Bernanke’s town hall presentation to US educators this evening. Discussing the Fed’s 100-year history and his efforts to bring greater transparency to the central bank’s actions, Bernanke will also take questions (which may well be much more interesting than the speech itself). But, to ensure some ‘fair-and-balanced’ coverage, we offer an alternate history of the Fed’s 100-year war against gold (and economic common sense).


Bernanke’s 100-Year History Of The Fed – Live Stream:

Live streaming video by Ustream


Nick Barisheff’s alternate 100-Year History of the Fed’s War Against Gold And Economic Common Sense

Federal Reserve Centennial Anniversary_Executive Summary_Final_Formatted_12 11 13.pdf


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