Obama Attempting to Reverse Insurance Cancellations, Student Debt Passes $1 Trillion, Another City Considers Bankruptcy: P.M. Links

  • Today's P.M. links brought to you by Benjamin FranklinPresident Barack Obama’s
    solution to the disaster of the rollout of his signature Affordable
    Care Act is to allow insurers to
    uncancel customers’ policies
    for a year. Insurance industry
    representatives worry this will make the problem
    even worse
  • As of the third fiscal quarter, total student debt has
    surpassed $1 trillion
    . Good luck getting them to pay for your
    health care!
  • Desert Hot Springs in California may be the next city to

    declare bankruptcy
    , though they’re trying hard to resist

  • School security spending
    is predicted to double to $5 billion
    by 2017 in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is
    threatening legal action
    against aides who told police about
    his drug use and drunken-driving. Snitches get stiches, guys!
  • Murderous Boston ganster
    Whitey Bulger
    has officially been sentenced to two life terms
    (plus five years).

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from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/11/14/obama-attempting-to-reverse-insurance-ca

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