Security Expert: “Buy American Doesn’t Sell Well Anymore Because It Means Give A Copy To The NSA”

We’ve previously noted that mass surveillance is killing American tech companies.

And Cisco just blamed its earnings slump on China’s disdain for NSA spying.

Security expert Bruce Schneier succinctly summed up the destruction of the American economy by the NSA’s surveillance yesterday:

Buy American doesn’t sell well anymore because it means give a copy to the NSA.

This is part of a bigger picture … the military-industrial complex (of which the NSA is a part) is killing the private sector economy. And see this.


World’s Most Dangerous Mission to Start In 3 Days

Removal of Fukushima Fuel Rods Hits a Bump … BEFORE It Even Starts

And if you need 2 seconds of comic relief:

Because … Dog


via Zero Hedge George Washington

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