Supreme Court Turns Back NSA Challenge, Washington Starts Accepting Pot Business Licenses, Feds Seem Accepting of Bitcoin’s Existence: P.M. Links

  • Not Stopping Anytime (Soon)The Supreme Court
    turned away
    a case from the Electronic Privacy Information
    Center to stop the National Security Agency’s mass collection of
    telephone call metadata. There are still other challenges heading
    through the federal courts.
  • A judge has ruled that prosecutors can use evidence from

    James Holmes’ apartment
    in his trial for the Aurora, Colo.,
    theater shootings, even though police didn’t have a warrant at the
    time of the search.
  • Washington State has started accepting license applications for
    those who want to
    legally sell marijuana
    in the state.
  • The Department of Justice and the Security Exchange Commission
    seem to be accepting that Bitcoins are
    “legitimate financial instruments”
    of currency in a hearing
    before a Senate subcommittee today.

  • George Zimmerman has been arrested again
    , this time on a
    domestic disturbance call in Central Florida.
  • The
    high tax rates in France
    are leading to social unrest that
    could blow up even worse than it already is, according to a secret
    report from country’s ministry of the interior.

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