Freshman Florida Congressman Arrested for Cocaine Possession

Not quite as entertaining as Rob Ford. Try harder, pols!Of course he would be from
Florida! GOP Rep. Trey Randel, representing the Fort Meyers-Naples
area of Florida, was arrested in D.C. for possession of cocaine.

Rep. Trey Radel, a Florida Republican elected in 2012, will be
in court Wednesday on charges that he possessed cocaine.

Radel, 37, was charged with misdemeanor possession of cocaine in
D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday.

He faces a maximum of 180 days in jail, as well as a fine of up
to $1,000. Radel has missed all four votes in the House this

He gave a statement saying he “struggles with the disease of
alcoholism” and is going to seek treatment and counseling and is
sorry for letting everybody down.

If he had been caught with cocaine in Florida, it would have
been a
there, risking him jail time and loss of his voting
rights (not that either of those things would have probably
happened to him). The Washington Post
that Randel is a co-sponsor of federal legislation to
reform mandatory minimum sentences for drug violations (and is a
lover of rap music).

Read the whole story (and more of Radel’s statement)

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