According To CBS Poll, Obama’s Approval Rating Finally Catches Down With Dubya

Well that escalated quickly. Just a week ago we noted that President Obama’s approval rating trajectory was following an increasingly Dubya-esque route and sur eneough, today, a CBS poll shows that a mere 37% “approve” of the job Obama is doing. This is the same poor approval rating as Bush II’s second term at this time and perhaps more ironically comes only a month or so after he crowed of the Republicans’ collapsing polling results during the debt-ceiling debacle. In aggregate, as RealClearPolitics shows, Obama’s approval rating has collapsed to the lowest on record (and likewise his disapproval rating has soared). We await the next ‘distraction’ from the administration’s dismal state of affairs…


Simply out – it’s been a one-way street since the election.. Over-promise and under-deliver – the mantra of every 2nd term president…


Source: RealClearPolitics


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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