Insurance Company Mocks Obamacare Website in New Ads, Joins Lawsuit Over DMCA Abuse, University in Cyprus to Accept Bitcoin: P.M. Links

  • not a government colonoscopyWellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
    is running a series of ads in Iowa and South Dakota
    the government’s problems and suggesting
    consumers try the company’s website instead. In Colorado, a
    14-year-old Yorkie named Baxter was
    through Obamacare. California, meanwhile, is
    to dial back the Obamacare rule that will prohibit
    insurance companies from dropping policy holders before three
    consecutive months of non-payment. California will continue to
    apply its own rule, which prohibits companies from dropping
    policyholders within a one-month grace period.
  • Senator Charles Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate
    Judiciary Committee,
    that in response to Democrats altering filibuster rules
    in a party-line vote, Republicans would expand the rollback of the
    judicial filibuster when they regain power.
  • The parent company of blogging website is

    two lawsuits by its users against alleged abusers of
    the DMCA copyright infringement take-down process.
  • A federal indictment unsealed today
    that a drug dealer in Thailand boasted of being able to
    exprt to the United States a form of methamphetamine with “Breaking
    Bad” purity levels, and that the North Korean government was
    protecting the manufacturing operation in that country.
  • The LA Unified School District
    the software licenses they purchased as part of their
    iPad acquisition will expire within three years, just six months
    before most students expected to participate in the program will
    have the devices. Renewal may cost up to $60 million a year after
  • A celebration putting San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee in the
    spotlight when the Make-a-Wish Foundation helped a boy play Batkid
    for a day means the act of charity will
    the city $105,000.
  • The University of Nicosia in Cyprus
    it would accept Bitcoin as payment for tuition and
    other school fees.

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