The Stooges are Running the Show, Obama

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It might have been the Republican shutdown (according to one person at the White House, at least). It might have been the fault of the Syrian leader Bachar Al-Assad gassing his people with chemical weapons. It might have been the National Security Agency that listened in on our conversations and tapped our mails, while intercepting our calls. It might (or probably not) be the President of the USA that never knew about any of this (or all of it at the same time). But, when it boils down to it, it was and always will be Barack Obama. He was the man at the top. He might be the puppet stroke muppet (fill in the blanks as you will, cross the i’s and dot the t’s), but he will be the person that has to pay the price for what the country has got itself into and won’t be in a position to dig itself out of the hole. Perhaps, if the US government digs so far down in that hole, then they will surely come out raging on the other side. They may end up in Timbuktu, but they will certainly be in a damn better place than on Capitol Hill. It’s President Obama that will be burned at the funeral pyre and sent floating down the Ganges one of these days. That day may not be too far off if we believe the pollsters in the US. But, can we believe anyone these days?

Obama Isn’t Liked

A new poll that was carried out by CNN/ORC and released today shows that Obama has gone up in the ratings. Yes, he went up. Of course, we are talking about the fact that there are a growing number of Americans today that consider that he is not the man fit for the job.

  • He is not honest and trustworthy either according to 53% of the people polled. Today, many people are starting to question the integrity and honesty of the most-powerful man on the planet.
  • Some of us might be answering that we could have told them that long ago. Presidents aren’t trustworthy, they are politicians. That’s antagonist and an antonym if ever there were one! When was the last time you saw an honest politician? Please tell us!
  • Since June the President has lost 12% regarding his ability to govern the country. He’s now at just 40% that believe he is able to do so.
  • That means that 60% of those polled believed that he was inadequate at the head of the state.
  • 56% did not admire President Obama. Although the question in itself begs disbelief. Presidents are not there to get admired; they are there to act and to act well. We don’t have to either look up to them or venerate them. They are people, that’s all. They just act as if they are demi-Gods from Olympus on an internship in the real world.
  • 53% of the people polled believed that he was not a strong leader and that he did not take decisions.
  • The same number believed that he did not inspire confidence.
  • 70% of those polled said that he was ‘likeable’. Yet again. What does being likeable have to do with it all? Have we forgotten what the role of a President of the most powerful economy in the world (for the moment!) is? Have we forgotten that he’s not in office to be ‘liked’ by the people? Isn’t he there to act?

With the mights and may-have’s that are flying around there are times when people (read: ‘citizens, taxpayers and voters’) must take a decision and do away with wishy-washy wherewithal sit-on-the-fence politics. Take a stance. Who is to blame and why are we in this mess? Harping on about the past thirty years and the fact that governments are all the same isn’t going to get you off sitting on that fence. Replacing Obama with another muppet-like marionette that you can stick your fingers up inside like a glove puppet to bow and scrape and come out with the radiant set of teeth when the cameras start flashing isn’t going to change the way things are run or the way things are decided. Harping on about the fact that the governments are all run by the same mafia-like power-crazed and addicted families and have been for centuries now isn’t going to stop the stooges running the show at the Oval Office and in Washington.

The pollsters might be telling the people that they aren’t happy with the President right now after all the stuff that has been launched at the fan.

Remember what happens when the stuff hits the fun? It just gets blasted back and everyone ends up getting splattered; everyone except the one that turned the fan on. Get ready, the fan just got turned on again.


Originally posted: The Stooges are Running the Show, Obama

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