A Look Inside The New York Fed's Trading Desk: Then And Now

In late 2010, we wrote: “The World’s Most Important Trading Desk Is Not At Goldman, But Is On The 9th Floor Of 33 Liberty Street” in which we said “even though our good Samaritan friends at One New York Plaza may take offense to this designation, the trading desk that controls the formerly free world is not located anywhere on the premises of Goldman Sachs, but is instead situated on the 9th floor of 33 Liberty Street, also known as the home New York Fed. From a trading desk cluster at this location, 39 year old Brian Sack controls the uber-secretive money flows that determine the daily fate of credit, equity and virtually all other markets, that have now been subsumed by the government’s central planning ambitions and aspirations to determine each and every uptick in the increasingly more irrelevant S&P 500.”

Since then Brian Sack has moved on, replaced by the levitating market wizard, Simon Potter, and his disciple Kevin Henry. However, while we identified long ago the “wealth effect” nerve center of the New Normal, one thing largely unavailable, was pictures of this trading desk with seemingly no sell buttons. Until now: below, courtesy of Wall Street on Parade, we present a modest compilation of not only what the current NY Fed trading desk looks like but also compare it to its predecessor, as it appeared on vintage photos from the 1930s.


The Trading Desk at the New York Federal Reserve Bank can influence and manipulate our markets. William (Bill) Dudley is Manager, CEO, and continuing member (vice chairman) of FOMC. (Source)







Blake Gwinn, left, and James White in the operations room at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)









A Trader Monitors Four Computer Screens on the Open Market Trading Desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)








Is that Kevin in the foreground? Open Market Trading Floor at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (source)








And then:

New York Federal Reserve Bank Trading Floor Before Computer Screens (source)






Trading Area of New York Fed, Vintage Photo (source)





h/t Wall St. On Parade


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