Putin Announces Russia Not Involved In Ukraine Unrest, Says Local Events Are Not A “Revolution” – Live Stream

While events in the Ukraine continue down a very slippery path, and just a few short minutes ago the Prime Minister Azarov fired the Kiev chief of Police who got into hot water over the weekend for various clips showing Police brutality in dealing with demonstrators, one specific party that is keeping a very close eye on the ongoing developments is Russian leader Vladimir Putin who scored a major victory over Europe when he managed to realign the Ukraine away from the EU and sign a trade pact with the “European bread basket” nation, an event which according to the prevailing narrative the main reason for the surge in civil discontent as hundreds of thousands took to the streets over the weekend. As such, it is important to keep track of news not only from Kiev but also from Moscow. One such update which came moments ago was the following:

  • President Vladimir Putin has said Russia respects any choice made by Ukraine, Dmitry Peskov tells Bloomberg in Yerevan, Armenia.
  • Russia not in talks with Ukraine on loans, bailout
  • Russia not involved in current unrest in Ukraine: Peskov

This came just hours after Putin stated that events unfolding in Ukraine should not be described as a revolution, but were rather more reminiscent of a “pogrom.

In other words, Russia is most certainly in talks with the Ukraine on loans, and one can bet any amount ok kopeks that Russia is involved in the current unrest, if not formally then certainly informally. Furthermore, since a grand geopolitical realignment appears to be taking shape in Eastern Europe, it was inevitable that some promptly suggested that the CIA’s involvement in local events, with an eye toward destabilizing the government, is tangible. To be sure this would be right out of the CIA playbook (see Libya and Egypt).

Which also means keep an eye on Brent, which has finally awoken to the instability in the Ukraine.

Also keep track of what president Yanukovich is doing: Reuters reported that he will travel to China as planned on a state visit, a television anchorman said, summarising the interview. A visit, or a potential asylum bid if things spiral out of control?

Finally, for those who enjoy keeping tabs on current events, below is a live streaming link from Kiev.

Live streaming video by Ustream


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