US "Good News" & Draghi Disappointment Sends Stocks Reeling

The better-than-expected data in the US had the requisiste good-news-is-bad-news reaction as stocks dumped (giving back all the EURJPY-driven gains), Treasury yields jumped, and gold and silver tumbled (in a deja vu of the last time Bitcoin and gold reached parity). At the same time, Draghi cut inflation forecasts, raised downside risks, hinted at less likelihood of another LTRO and noted negative rate discussions but did nothing and that sent EUR higher and implicitly USD broke lower. European stocks are also in trouble once again (even as European sovereign bond spreads are holding steady in their illiquid way). With EURJPY pausing (on Draghi’s comments), we look to USDJPY to provide the requisite lift at the cash open in the US



via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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