LA Times: Sheriff's Officials To Be Arrested Over Hiding FBI Informant

The Los Angeles Times is reporting
that more than twelve
current and former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD)
officials will be arrested following grand jury hearings into
whether officers hid FBI informant, Anthony Brown, from federal

At least one witness testified that sheriff’s officials
moved the inmate and changed his name in an attempt to hide him
from federal agents
, and that top officials in the
department played a role in the plan
, according to another
source familiar with the grand jury testimony.

Sheriff’s officials insist they were not hiding Brown from the
FBI but protecting him from other deputies.

Brown told the FBI the names of corrupt deputies and
incidences of excessive force inside the LASD Men’s Central Jail.
He was found out in August 2011 during a cell search when jail
deputies found the phone Brown used to communicate with the FBI.

From the LA Times in 2012

Brown said FBI agents rushed into the jail to visit him
soon after they learned his cover had been blown. But as the
meeting began, Brown said, a sheriff’s investigator came in and
ended it. “This…visit is over,” the official said, according to

Brown said sheriff’s officials moved him, changed his name
several times and grilled him about what he knew and whether he
would testify in the federal investigation.

“I didn’t know it then, but they were hiding me from the feds,”
said Brown, who is serving 423 years to life in prison for armed

More details about the charges are expected after a press
conference at 1pm (Pacific) with officials from the U.S. Attorney’s
Office and the FBI.

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