European Stocks Slump To 2-Month Lows (Biggest 2-Week Drop In 6 Months)

Quietly, while no one was watching, European stocks have been pummeled lower in the last 2 weeks. Since the start of December, Spanish and Italian stock markets are down 6% and the broad-based Bloomberg 500 Index is down 4.75% – its biggest such drop in 6 months – to 2-month lows. With the EUR testing multi-year highs against the USD, and the earnings picture fading dismalling into the dark, it seems all those “believers” in a European recovery (on the basis of some “soft” surveys) have been proved wrong (or early?).


European stocks are at 2-month lows…


As Earnings hope collapses….


Led by Spain and Italy…


as stocks catch down to macro reality?


Intrestingly, European stocks caught up to the region’s improve dmarket-based credit risk perception… but has disconnected lower in recent weeks (as bonds remains under the control of the ECB…)



Charts: @Not_Jim_Cramer and Bloomberg


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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