Give the Gift of Paranoia

Congratulations: You've just found the subliminal ad.I’m happy to relay the news
that Amazon has declared my book The United States of
one of the 20 best
nonfiction books of 2013
. I suppose that’s as good a hook as
any for me to point out that the book makes a lovely present for
the paranoiacs in your life. Both The Wall Street Journal
and The National Memo have included the book in their
annual gift guides, the former
it an “imaginative survey of two centuries of belief in
sinister dark forces” and the latter
it shows that “everyone has contributed to instilling
conspiratorial fear at some point in time.” And the thing just got
praised at a
site called Luxury Reading, so it might even qualify as a
luxurious gift, even if it isn’t bound in fine Corinthian

Since I’m in self-promotion mode, here’s some more links to
recent coverage:

The Baffler gives the book a

• Cato turns an excerpt from a talk about the book into a

short podcast

• I discuss the book
on Brazilian TV

• I’m a guest on a conspiracy-focused episode of
the public radio show BackStory.

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