Teacher Accused of Feeding Hot Sauce-Soaked Crayons to Autistic Child Being Reinstated

A judge has
ordered that a special needs teacher in Florida who was fired after
she was accused of feeding an autistic child crayons soaked in hot
sauce be reinstated. 

ABC News

A Florida elementary school teacher who was fired for feeding an
autistic child hot sauce soaked crayons is being re-instated on the
orders of a judge who rejected the school district’s appeal to keep
her out of the classroom.

Lillian Gomez was fired from her job at Sunrise Elementary
School in Kissimmee, Fla., in February 2012 after school officials
found out that Gomez had allegedly put jumbo-sized crayons in a cup
and soaked them for days in hot sauce before moving them to a bag
that was labeled with the student’s name.

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