Tonight on The Independents: Historic NSA Ruling, Senate Budget Showdown, NoKo Madness, Affluenza, Gay Laws in India, and Delicious Jacob Sullum!

He knows when you're awake. |||Well, nothing much for a new
libertarian-leaning cable news program
to discuss tonight…OH
WAIT—D.C. District Court Judge Richard Leon issues a
preliminary injunction
against the National Security Agency’s
hoovering of metadata, declaring it “almost-Orwellian” and likely
unconstitutional. Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum will
break it down for the 9 pm (Eastern) crowd (6 pm Pacific, repeats
at midnight). Meanwhile, panelists Ellis Henican and Kayleigh McEnany will
help America process last night’s
60 Minutes NSA infomercial
, including discussion about

for whistleblower Edward Snowden and

With the Senate tomorrow
expected to pass
Ryan-Murray plan
overwhelmingly approved by the House
, the question arises: Have
Establishment Republicans finally
kicked the fiscally conservative grassroots to the curb
FreedomWorks President/CEO
Matt Kibbe
will be on to count heads and take names.

The ... horr-or. |||Also: What’s worse—”affluenza” as a
criminal defense
, or the
lack of criminal defense
available to the non-affluent? Looking
India just re-criminalized certain kinds of sex
consenting adults, and North Korea’s Lil’ Kim Jong Un is busy

executing family members

All these topics and more, tonight at 9 pm ET, with your host
Kennedy, plus
co-hosts Matt
 and Kmele Foster. Click
on the links to read the open threads for Episodes
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Open thread commence!

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