Monday NSA Ruling Increases Likelihood of Sen. Rand Paul Filing Suit

A class-action suit that includes every single American? A lawyer's dream.Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.)
has been recruiting potential plaintiffs, considering a
class-action lawsuit against the National Security Agency to try to
halt its massive phone records collection. Judge Richard Leon’s

ruling Monday
that the collections are a violation of the
Fourth Amendment may be tipping the senator’s hand toward pushing

A staffer
with U.S. News:

The senior staffer, who spoke with U.S. News on background, says
hundreds of thousands of people volunteered online as possible
plaintiffs after Paul first floated the idea of a class-action
lawsuit in June.

The senator has not firmly decided to file suit and it’s still
possible Paul will choose to instead assist with three
already-filed lawsuits against the NSA.

If Paul does file a lawsuit it would be the fourth major legal
attack against the NSA’s bulk collection and five-year storage of
American phone records.

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