If You Think ‘Pajama Boy’ Looks ‘Effeminate,’ You Need to See How Obamacare Is Being Marketed to Actual Gays

As Nick Gillespie noted this morning, some of the criticism of
the horrible Obamacare enrollment ads featuring the
young hipster in pajamas
has some subtextual nonsense tied to
perceptions of the sexual orientation and identity of the

It’s particularly silly because nobody who has had any
experience dealing with actual gay men would have picked that man
to sell Obamacare. Here is how Obamacare is being sold to actual
gay men:

The advertisement is by Out2Enroll, created by the Sellers Dorsey Foundation
to promote the Affordable Care Act’s benefits to the LGBT

Hat tip to gay (and occasionally NSFW) blog Towleroad.

from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/12/18/if-you-think-pajama-boy-looks-effeminate

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