Senate Approves Budget Deal, Walking Back Previous Attempts to Reduce Spending

...cut spendingThe
barely nibbled at the edges of the federal
government’s spending problems, but Washington’s big spenders
decided even that attempt was too radical.

From Reuters:

The U.S. Senate passed a two-year budget deal on
Wednesday to ease automatic spending cuts and reduce the risk of a
government shutdown, but fights were already breaking out over how
to implement the budget pact.

By a vote of 64-36, the Senate sent the measure to President Barack
Obama to be signed into law, an achievement for a divided Congress
that has failed to agree on a budget since 2009.

Establishment Republicans
Democrat rhetoric on opponents of the spending bill
being “dangerous,” and the Senate Conservatives Fund
by calling Mitch McConnell and John Boehner public
enemies number one in a fundraising email, claiming the Republican
leaders were “attacking conservatives because they don’t like it
when the grassroots hold them accountable.” The fund is running
primary challengers against various Senate Republicans, including

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