David Collum’s Year In Review – The Interview

For some, despite being the holidays, reading all 89 pages of David Collum’s annual epic ‘year in review’ is tough to squeeze in between earning minimum wage at Toys’r’Us for 85 hours straight or “consuming” as much food and iPads as possible. Luckily, Erin Ade of Boom Bust sat down with David to discuss the critical aspects of his voluminous tome. Given his initial comments, we suspect the 20 minutes are well worth watching…

“Gold has a severe beating this year… and it’s ironic that people say “buy-and-hold” but then when you have bad year “ahh, you’re an idiot”


Collum remains long precious metals because he thinks “the Fed is a reckless bunch of characters who [he is] not even sure have above average IQ… I think they are going to do some damage”


Collum’s interview starts at 4:20…


And the full review is available here:




Anyone still miss Maria B?


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