Brickbat: Looking a Little Pasty

Greggs, a bakery in England,
sells some 61 million Cornish pasties a year. But it won’t sell any
starting in 2014. Oh, it will still sell a beef pie, but it can’t
call it Cornish
 anymore. The European Union awarded the dish
protected geographical indication status, which means anything
called a Cornish pasty must be prepared in Cornwall. Greggs is
located in Plymouth. And a Cornish pasty can only contain beef,
potatoes, onions and rutabagas. Greggs’ pie also contains peas and
carrots. But even some pasty makers based in Cornwall may have to
change. European Union rules state that a Cornish pasty must be
crimped on the side, while some bakeries crimp them at the top.

from Hit & Run

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