Stop-and-Frisk Architect Sworn in as NYC’s Police Commissioner, Clay Aiken Reportedly Considering Running For Congress, Nearly 1 Million Displaced in CAR: P.M. Links

  • The Chinese icebreaker that helped rescue passengers of a ship
    that got stuck in Antarctic ice is now itself
  • The architect of New York City’s stop-and-frisk program has
    sworn in again
    as New York City’s police commissioner.
  • Former American Idol runner-up
    Clay Aiken
    is reportedly considering running for Congress in
    North Carolina.
  • The recent winter storm that hit the northeast U.S. is being
    blamed for the deaths of at least 11
  • According to Ethiopia’s foreign minister, talks between
    representatives from the South Sudanese government and rebels have
  • The United Nations says that nearly 1 million people have fled
    their homes in the
    Central African Republic
    amid ongoing violence.

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