Why Anchorman 2 is The Most Important Movie of the Year!


“3 Reasons Anchorman 2 is The Most Important Movie of
the Year,” written by Nick Gillespie and produced by Todd Krainin.
About 2 minutes.

Original release date was December 18, 2010 and original writeup
is below.

As Anchorman 2, the long-awaited sequel to
2004’s Anchorman: The Legend
of Ron Burgundy
hits theaters, it’s worth pointing
out Will Ferrell’s fake newscaster is not just wildly entertaining
but hugely instructive in our media-soaked age.

Here are three reasons why Anchorman
 is already the most important movie of the

1. It Foregrounds Media Cliches and Pat

When Ron Burgundy and team create ridiculous, over-the-top news
features such as “Rip the Lid Off
,” it’s impossible to ever take a special report or
interruption for breaking news uncritically ever again.

2. It (de)humanizes the Production of

By calling attention to the actual production process of “news”
and the
often-considerable limitations
 of the people who make
media, the Anchorman franchise underscores that
news is invented, not discovered.

3. It Eviscerates the Media’a Hero Complex

Far more than critically acclaimed critiques such
as Network, Anchorman brilliantly
lampoons the self-importance and deranged
 of media stars.

For these reasons and more – and especially at a time when even
venerable media outlets such as 60 Minutes is
effectively firing
 for inaccurate reports and
blatantly sucking
up to power
 – Anchorman 2 and its
predecessor should be required viewing for everyone who takes media
literacy seriously.

About two minutes. Produced by Todd Krainin. Written and hosted
by Nick Gillespie.

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