Remember the "Libertarian Democrats"?

The bolo tie espouses Austrian economics.Today in Slate, Dave Weigel
 former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who’s
likely to make a run for the Democratic presidential nomination in
2016. Schweitzer was beloved by the “libertarian
” crowd back in the Bush years, when the Netroots were
looking westward for new approaches to politics. Almost a decade
later, the governor is sounding the same notes: anti-war,
pro-privacy, in favor of civil liberties, and—this is where the
libertarian leanings melt away—generally interventionist on
economics. (He does score some points hitting Obama for being a
corporatist, but he doesn’t seem very interested in anti-statist
alternatives.) The Second Amendment doesn’t come up in the
conversation, but Weigel notes in his intro that Schweitzer has a
history of
favoring gun rights
. (There are some
to that.)

Read the interview and decide for yourself whether
Schweitzer meets my old criteria for “How
to Be a Half-Decent Democrat
.” He certainly sounds better than
the frontrunner for
his party’s nomination, not that that’s a high bar to clear. Sounds
better to me, that is; among Democratic voters, he’s polling

below 2 percent

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