Tonight on The Independents: Interview With a Drone Operator, Peter King vs. Rand Paul on the NSA, Detroit Police Chief on Why Residents Should Pack Heat; Plus Fallujah, Blue Monday, and More!

I'm so bo-o-ored with the I.R.A.! |||Tonight’s live episode of Fox Business Network’s
, which airs at 9 pm ET and then repeats again
at midnight, will feature some fascinating interview subjects.

Brandon Bryant
, profiled in recent GQ piece titled
of a Drone Warrior
,” will explain the ins and outs of
delivering death by remote control. And Detroit Police Chief James
Craig will explain just why he thinks
having an armed citizenry
would make the Motor City a safer

There will also be a dissection of
Rep. Peter King
attacks on Sen. Rand Paul
over NSA spying, with GOP
strategist/Sun Sentinel columnist Noelle Nikpour and Russell
Simmons Political Director (!) Michael Skolnik; plus
discussion about the
fall of Fallujah
, the advent of Blue Monday,
and a science teacher losing more than 30 pounds by
eating at McDonald’s

Did you miss an episode of The Independents? Check out
the show’s website,
which has a video
where you can watch 29 different segments, including
interviews with people near and dear to the hearts of
Reason readers. Want to figure out whether you get Fox
Business Network? Click on
this link
. Twitter feed is @IndependentsFBN; some
tweets may be shown during the live broadcast.

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