Peter King says:

-It is perfectly acceptable for the NSA to spy on Congress because they might be palling around with Al Qaeda operatives (separation of powers is an illusion anyway);

-Rand Paul is lying about the NSA and spreading fear among the American people (you heard him, F-E-A-R as in AL-QAEDA-OPERATIVES palling around with Senators);

-Ed Snowden is a throwback to the “hate America” crowd from the 60s;

-Emperor Obozo should stop apologising for the NSA.


First of all, it is well known that members of Congress such as King are closet Al Qaeda operatives. 

Secondly, King should be closely monitored by the staff of Creedmore not the NSA.

Finally, if Obozo has been apologising for the NSA it’s news to me. He must have been doing so in 20 second Snapchats with the Danish PM.

You know, I love America. But there is also a dark side of America that I hate and King sits at the vortex of that dark side, the Moron Vortex…






This moron is packing the heat

The TERRORISTS he will defeat

But if we don’t bite

To join in his fight

He’s willing to practice deceit

The Limerick King


via Zero Hedge williambanzai7

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