Strong 30 Year Reopening Concludes Treasury Auctions For The Week

If yesterday’s 10 Year auction was a little on the weak side, stopping through the When Issued by 0.2 bps, there were no such problems for today’s last of the week 29-year 10-month reopening auction, which just priced $13 billion of the previously issued CUSIP RD2, at a high yield of 3.899%, through the 3.906% WI. The strength was not only in the pricing, but the Bid to Cover as well, which came at 2.57, above last month’s 2.35, and also above the 12 month trailing average of 2.45. Finally, the internals were strong as well, with Dealers taking down 38.1%, the lowest since October’s 35.5%, leaving 44.4% for Indirects, above the 38.6% average, if a tad below last month’s 46.0%, and Directs holding 17.5% of the final allotment, up from 12.5%, and above the 15.9% TTM average. As a result of the strong auction, the kneejerk reaction in the Ultra was a 10 tick higher move from 137.07 to 137.17, and also helped push the entire jittery complex higher.

Of note: as in yesterday’s 10 Year reopening, which had never been bid in recent POMOs, so no dealers had sold the RD2 CUSIP to the Fed on recent occasions. Now that they have $5 billion more of long-dated paper which even Bill Gross is shorting, expect this to change rather quickly.


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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