The Sheer Absurdity of the Recovery Story

At some point, someone has to call BS on the entire talk of the recovery.


Since 2009, we’ve been told that things have improved. The fact of the matter is that the improvement has been largely due to accounting tricks rather than any real change in reality.


Sure you can make unemployment look better by not counting people, you can claim the economy is growing by ignoring inflation, you can argue that inflation is low because you don’t count food or energy, but the reality is that all of these arguments are grade “A” BS.


We are now five years into the “recovery.” The single and I mean SINGLE accomplishment from spending over $3 trillion has been the stock market going higher. This is a complete and total failure. Based on the business cycle alone, the economy should be roaring.


What does it say that we’ve spent this much money and accomplished so little?


The word is FAILURE.


The media is lying about the economy. They have been for years. Even the BLS now admits that its methodologies are either inefficient (read: DON’T work) or outright wrong.


And yet alleged “adults” continue to believe this stuff. I don’t get it. Is it mass delusion or are people really willing to believe a lie rather than what their own eyes tell them?


If your dentist told you, “oh your teeth are fine” does that make your toothache go away? Nope. But for some reason people listen to the Fed and media make absurd proclamations and no one says anything.


At some point, likely not too far in the future, the entire market will come crashing down. The Fed bet the republic that its misguided theories would play out. This is what happens when you entrust academics with ZERO banking and business experience (those who have never made loans, managed portfolios, hired or fired people, made payroll, etc.) decide how the economy should operate.


When this happens it’s GAME OVER. There will be nothing the Fed can do.


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